LIDAR Enclosure for "Utopie" (2021)

Asa Perlman - LIDAR for Utopie

2" x 1.5" x 1" - CNC milled aluminum, 3D printed TPU, Acrylic, Electronics. Weather/ vandalism resistant enclosure for the LIDAR employed by Jonathan Villneuve's Utopie, on Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal, QC. The project called for a durable, discreet design, which could be reproduced on-demand if need be. All of the custom components are manufacturable within the constraints of a "fab lab" environment.


Residual energy harvesting device for "Fossilation" (2020)

Asa Perlman - fossilation

2.5" x 4" X 1" - Lasercut Acrylic, Electronics. Modular system making use of either of piezoelectric sensors, or Peltier cells as part of Fossilation, a collective work first presented at Centre Pompidou, Paris, France. The exhibition required aproximately 50 devices to be built in Montreal and shipped to France. Accordingly, the design needed to be lightweight, easily packable, and cost-effective to manufacture.


Constellations (2018 - 2019)

Asa Perlman - constellations

72" x 24" x 72" - Plywood, Threaded Rod, Laser-cut Acrylic, Custom Electronics. Constellations was designed for people of all ages to learn the basics of circuitry. By connecting the 400 acrylic pieces together participants collaboratively create an ever-evolving light sculpture. The entire assembly can be packed into its base for easy transport. Originally presented as part of Perte de Signal’s Crépuscules; a month-long interactive art/ technology event, Constellations was ultimately selected to become part of Perte de Signal's Kidzlab catalog, and has been shown numerous times including their own annual Kidzlab festival, Ville de Brossard's Salon des Arts Visuelles in the Circuit Perform'art pavillion, Desjardins Innovation Lab's Composite salon, as well as several private events.


Shake Assist (2017)

Asa Perlman - shake assist

15" x 40" - 3d Printed Parts, MDF, Custom Electronics, Found Objects, Arduino. Realized as part of the Speculative Play Research-Creation Program (FRQSC, Concordia, 2015-2019, dir. Rilla Khaled, Pippin Barr, Christopher Moore). Built in collaboration with Richard Kennedy and Christopher Moore, ShakeAssist was positioned as a speculative solution to intimacy issues in a future society; one completely out of practice with making physical contact. This functional prototype senses when two hands are inserted, inflates from within (pressing the users hands together), then moves up and down, facilitating a handshake.